Public Transportation

Public Transportation

Public Transportation Savannah

Getting To and From the Airport

Public transportation in and around Savannah Airport is great. There are many options from which you can choose.

Airport Express Schedule

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Chatham Area Transit (CAT)

Route 100X provides an Airport Express service to and from the airport daily. Please click on the image to the right to see a complete schedule of Route 100X. Or call (912) 233‑5767 for schedules to the airport as well as around the city.

  • Base Fare One-way $ 1.50
  • Airport Express One-way $ 5.00
  • Airport Express Roundtrip Ticket $ 8.00

K– Shuttle

K–Shuttle is the official scheduled shuttle service from the airport to Hilton Head Island and Savannah area resorts. For shuttle schedules please call (877) 243‑2050. The K-Shuttle is a private charter.

Coastal Regional Coaches

This is the regional rural public transit system that provides reservation transit service. To schedule service, please call 1‑866‑543‑6744 at least 24 hours prior to your pick up.

Getting Around Savannah

DOT Express Shuttle (Free)

Savannah’s fare-free Downtown Transportation system is provided by the dot Express Shuttle.

The dot Express Shuttle will take you around Savannah’s beautiful Historic District and connect you with the Savannah Belles Ferry and the River Street Streetcar for free.

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